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American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) Professional Member


Massage By Roy offers:

~ Easy street parking in the neighborhood behind the building
~ Convenient bus stop access. Bus 49 stops in front of the office
~ Client centered massage*

*My massage may include Lomi Lomi, Swedish, neuromuscular, myofascial, and/or deep tissue techniques.


Massage Techniques:

Swedish Massage
Myofascial Technique
Lomi Lomi Massage
Neuromuscular Technique
Deep Tissue Massage












Swedish Massage - Swedish massage is the "classic" massage most people think of. It uses a variety of strokes to bring about relaxation, to ease muscle tension, and for stress relief. It is helpful in reducing pain, joint stiffness and can be helpful to clients with poor circulation.

The five basic massage strokes associated with traditional Swedish massage are:

  • effleurage (gliding strokes)
  • petrissage (kneading and compression strokes)
  • friction (deep circular rubbing)
  • tapotement (percussion tapping, pounding)
  • vibration (very fine, rapid shaking)











Myofascial Technique - These techniques slowly apply pressure to the skin and tissues below working to stretch or release the fascia (membranes that surround muscle fibers, bones and organs) that may be adhered and unable to move freely.











Lomi Lomi Massage - Lomi Lomi is based in the Hawaiian idea of Huna, the fundamental assumption that everything seeks harmony and everything seeks love. It is sometimes called "Loving Hands" massage. It seeks to open up the person to simply be in the present moment, to allow for change, and to allow for energy flow. Lomi Lomi uses the hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows in flowing motions that sweep over the body like waves to work and relax the muscle tissue.











Neuromuscular Technique - this involves several techniques involving pressure and stretching of muscle fibers or may involve the client offering resistance in range of motion movement. It helps work with the nervous system to relax or increase the baseline tension of muscle fibers.











Deep Tissue Massage- involves warming the muscle tissue with more gentle strokes and gradually working more deeply into the tissue. This often involves the use of more pressure. Deep Tissue Massage may be done with most of the above techniques.


Monthly Special
$10 off a 90 minute massage during July and August.
Regular Prices
$50 for 45 minutes*
$60 for 60 minutes*
$80 for 90 minutes*

Membership Packages
Buy a 6 massage package for the
price of 5 regularly priced massages.

Six 45 minute massages $250
...or $41.66 per massage
Six 60 minute massages $300
...or $50 per massage
Six 90 minute massages $400
...or $66.66 per massage

Gift Certificates
Are available. You will need to order in advance.

Corporate Chair Massage
Available for your employees at your business. $65/hr.
Call for details.

* The times above are for session time. Also allow 15 more mintues for intake. Relaxation and Treatment massage may involve Swedish, deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, myofascial technique, or other massage modalities.

** Membership packages are good for up to the number massages of your membership plan in a year and may be used by you or your significant other. Your punch card must be presented at the time of each massage.